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Developing skilled, independent writers is at the core of our Writing Process. We endeavour to inspire our pupils to write for a variety of purposes and audiences whenever possible through incidental opportunities and organised competitions.

Baseline to Independent Write


The central purpose of our Writing Process is to enable pupils to become independent writers, who make their own authorial choices in their writing. At the beginning of every topic, pupils complete an independent baseline in the genre, providing teachers with opportunities for diagnostic analysis of prior learning, misconceptions in grammar and syntax and crucially, individual targets for where the next steps in the learning should go for groups or individuals. At the end of each topic, pupils produce an entirely independent piece of writing, using the knowledge and skills they have learnt, and apply it in a different context. This provides teachers with an objective measure of progress from their initial baseline assessment.

Writing Ambassadors


All pupils have access to writing materials at lunchtimes to support further independent writing for pleasure. This initiative is monitored by the Writing Ambassadors for each year group, who provide challenges and writing prompts. In Year 5 and Year 6, Writing Ambassadors also create opportunities for whole school writing for a purpose, including job applications and letters.

"I enjoy being a Writing Ambassador and taking part in our weekly meetings. We plan new activities, whole-school competitions or think of a way that we can use writing in a practical way. I enjoyed it when we posted the applications for the Buddy Base because lots of children applied for the job!" Terri

University of Liverpool Writing Competition

"I love writing! Every Tuesday, I attend Writing Club, where we can write for the school newsletter. It’s really exciting to have the chance to see your writing published each week. My proudest achievement this year has been winning the University of Liverpool writing competition because I won throughout the entire city! I was completely shocked when my name was announced in assembly and I was delighted to receive a certificate and £50 book voucher.  I think I might be an author or a journalist when I'm older, so I need to keep on practising!" Caitlyn 

School Librarian Letter Applications

"As well as creative writing, it is important that we learn how to write for real life situations because we can use that when we are older. When we applied for a librarian post, I had to talk about all of my good qualities and why I would be suited for the job. This will help me when I'm older and I have to apply for a university place or a job." James

National Writing Competition

"English is one of my favourite lessons because I love to read and write my own stories. I like to read stories from my favourite authors and then try to use some of their ideas and vocabulary in my own writing. Sometimes it works; other times it doesn’t but we can try it again when we redraft our work. I really enjoyed doing this in my spare time by taking part in the different writing competitions that take place throughout the year!" Lara C

Global Scholars


The goal of this programme is cross-cultural understanding by engaging youth in collective problem solving about important common issues that will determine our shared future. Global Scholars is an international online learning program that connects students in cities around the world and prepares them to become the next generation of global citizens. Engaging in activities both in the classroom and online, students ages 10-13 interact with their international peers, develop 21st century skills, and ultimately gain a broader perspective on the global world in which they live.