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Global Scholars

Global Scholars

Today’s youth live in a rapidly changing, increasingly connected and interdependent world. It’s time to address these changes with educational experiences that prepare students for this global landscape. The goal is

cross-cultural understanding by engaging youth in collective problem solving about important common issues that will determine our shared future. Global Scholars is an international online learning program that connects students in cities around the world and prepares them to become the next generation of global citizens. Engaging in activities both in the classroom and online, students ages 10-13 interact with their international peers, develop 21st century skills, and ultimately gain a broader perspective on the global world in which they live.

Unit 1: Introduction to Global Scholars


Students are oriented to the Global Scholars e-classroom and begin to develop global and digital
citizenship skills. They write their first discussion posts, reply to international peers, and exchange
perspectives. They create videos to introduce their class, school, cultures, and city, and share what it
means to be a Global Scholar.

Unit 2: Water Every Day

Students explore the role of water in their cultures and everyday lives. They learn the importance of safe
water to individual and community health and calculate their water footprints to evaluate the impact of
individual choices. Students conduct a school water audit and create a guide to share the results and
present solutions.

Unit 3: Water in Our Cities

Students analyze how local waterways contribute to the economy, transportation, and cultures in their
cities. They research the impact of local water security issues, consider questions of equity, and discuss
actions that could make their city more water-secure. They create a news story to report their findings.

Unit 4: Water Connects Us


In this unit, students learnt how water pollution and other water security issues in one place can impact people and the environment in other places. They also learnt how global challenges such as climate change can affect everyone’s water security. Additionally, the pupils surveyed community members to learn which water security issues matter most to them. For the digital project, they created an infographic to share the issues that are most important to community members and the actions they are willing to take