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Independently using Internet Explorer and Powerpoint


Children have access to various technology to help enhance their learning experience and knowledge of computing. To support their understanding of a topic, children are able to use internet explorer to find out facts. During our Geography topic focusing on South America, Class 9 used the laptops to explore an IOS map of Brazil. Children then went on to independently research facts using online search engines. 


In particular, the children focused their research on Rocinha (the largest favela in Brazil) and created powerpoint presentations of their findings online. Independently, they found the facts, added in appropriate images and chose a design for their presentation. They were even able to make comparisons between Rocinha and Walton. 

Check out an example presentation below!

Pupil Voice


"A lot of skills and patience was needed to complete our Powerpoint presentation. Finding appropriate pictures was difficult: some were blurry, some didn't match what we put into the search engine and other pictures sometimes wouldn't even open correctly."  Nathan 


"We wanted our presentation to look nice and stand out from the rest, so the right design was important."  Luke