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Ancient Greece Presentations

Year 4 pupils have been creating presentaions about Ancient Greece using the Abobe Spark Page App. Once familiar with how to use the app to create presentations, pupils seached for approriate images and added captions to demonstrate their knowledge of Ancient Greece. Some pupils were also able to independently use the 'split screen' function and format the headings and text they had written to created more advanced presentations.


'Learning to use the app was excellent because I was able to make independent choices about the images and information I should include in my presentation and which font style and size made looked best.' - Scott B


'Once I knew how the functions of the app worked, I was able to create my presentation independently.' - Jessica R

Picture 1 Creating a title page
Picture 2 Inputting information
Picture 3 Creating a split screen display
Picture 4 Choosing prefered fonts

Identifying Electrical Hazards Using ThingLink

As part of Year 4's science topic, 'Electricity', pupils have been using the 'ThingLink' app to independently demonstarte their understanding of electrical safety in the home and different electrical hazrds.

Once children learnt how to use the ThingLink functions, they were are to independently add labels and annotations to a digital images of different domestic scenes to show how electric hazards can occur in a variety of situations.


'We are able to indentify lots of different electrical hazards in each picture scene and independently add labels and annotations to show what kind of electrical hazards they were.' - Ruby P and Maria G


'Some of the electrical hazards we more difficult to identify than others, but we were able to find them all on our own.' - Alex W and Ethan R

Picture 1