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Year 6 Mastery- Comparing the Shang Dynasty and the Liverpool Slave Trade 


Today, Year 6 completed their final History lesson of the year and of their time in SFDS! In order to really display what they had learnt over the course of the year, they created an extended piece of writing comparing their first topic of the year (the Liverpool Slave Trade) and their final topic (the Shang Dynasty). This was an opportunity for Year 6 to utilise all of their learning in a new way by examining both time periods and making links between them as well as comparing these times to their own lives.  

Legacy of the Shang Dynasty 


This morning, Year 6 independently answered a series of questions in the books in order to explore the legacy of the Shang Dynasty. We used our understanding of the time to evaluate which legacy we believed to be the most important in our modern day world and why it is important to learn about what is left behind by different periods of history. 

Housing and Architecture in Shang Times 


This afternoon, Year 6 compared and contrasted depictions of Shang housing for both the poor and the rich families of the time. We then used this understanding to compare a Shang temple to a typical Shang house, noting the different features in both. Additionally, we also explored how the features of a Shang building can be compared to buildings in out previous studies. 

Shang Dynasty- Religion and Beliefs in the Shang Times 


Today, we explored the religion and beliefs of the people during the Shang times. We were able to apply our own research and understanding to the different aspects of this polytheistic religion and as this is a mastery topic, we were able to compare the religion and beliefs of this time to those in other periods we have studied.  

The Impact of the Slave Trade in Liverpool


This afternoon, we independently explored and evaluated the legacy of the slave trade in Liverpool and how our shameful past has influenced and impacted much of our architecture, music and culture in the city to this day. In order to show our understanding of what we have learnt throughout this topic, we created a presentation which embodied our prior knowledge of the slave trade and how its legacy can still be seen around Liverpool. 


Daniel says of the topic: "I have very much enjoyed learning about the Liverpool Slave Trade as I didn't know too much about it. Once you know about our past in Liverpool, it shows you a whole different view of how our city came to be. Although some of the lessons were quite sad to learn about, I think that it is important that we know about the city's past because it is something that we must acknowledge in our lives."