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Designing our products 

After investigating existing products, completing preference tests and conduction research, we were ready to begin designing our final products. Through sketching, drawing diagrams and annotation, we independently decided on a design that meets the design brief and criteria of our own choosing.

Cooking and Nutrition - Making an omelette 

Under the instruction of our school chefs, we prepared and cooked our very own omelettes. Following our designs and amending as we went to follow an iterative design process, we independently prepared and cooked a healthy meal we could be proud of. As you can see they looked delicious!



Preparing ingredients 



                                          Using a hob for the first time!                                    The final product                                                      

Textiles - Making a pillow

Incorporating our research, sewing skills and design, we began independently making our pillows. Firstly, we created our decoration, using embroidery and applique to showcase our sewing ability. After we were happy with our decoration, we added wadding for comfort and sewed together our pillow using a variety of stitches including running, blanket and over stitch. As you can see, we are very proud of our final products!