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Traditional Greek Cuisine - Design Coices and Food Preparation Skills

After learning about a range of traditional Greek dishes and taste testing different ingredients, Year 4 pupils were able to make independent design choices in relation to the foods they would include in their celebration meals and how their meals would be presented. After receiving expert instruction from our cook, pupils were also able to independent use a range of equipment and food preparation skills to create their dihes. I was brilliant to see the range of skills pupils used and the focus and pride they showed in being able to prepare the differnet elements of their dishes on their own.


'I was really proud of how I was able to use the different pieces of equipment. My favourite parts were peeling and deceeding the cumbumber and using the garlic crush. I didn't think I would be able to do it on my own but when I had completed my meal, I couldn't believe how good and tasty it looked!' - Patrick H


'I have never made a whole meal on my own before and wasn't sure if I could do everything properly but I was so proud that I was able to make all the dishes myself and of how amazing my completed meal looked!' - Maddieson R

Fantasy Torches

After learning about how torches work and investigating existing products, it was time for children to plan and create their own, torch designs. To do this, children created annoted drawings to show what their finished products would look like, the components they would use and how they would work.

During the making stage of the project, children also used a range of tools and materials to assemble and test out their prototype torches; making improvements to their products to ensure they worked properly. This involved checking that all the electical components were connected correctly so that their electric circuits were complete.


'I had never made anything like this before. The most difficult bit was using the screwdriver to attach the wires to the bulb holder but I did it myself. I was so amazed when I tested my torch and the bulb lit up!' - Phoebe H


'My torch didn't work the first time I tested it so I had check to make sure that I had connected all the wires and components together properly.' - Ethan R