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Story Sessions


During 'Story Sessions', pupils have the opportunity to become fully immersed in the book under focus. Teachers expertly model to pupils the reading aloud skills they should try to implement independently themselves during 'Pupil Reads'. Lots of opportunities are also available for pupils to independently develop their oracy skills as they listen and respond to key questions and discussion prompts.


Drawing Inferences

Retrieving and inferring information from 'Beowulf' to draw pupils' own interpretations about what the mead-hall would have been like and how it would have changed during four different key parts of the story. 



Reading Comprehension and Comprehension Ninja


Each week, the children complete an independent reading comprehension to improve their fluency skills, timing and general understanding of the various reading question types.

Year 5 children also independently complete a 'Comprehension Ninja' activity.

Pupil Reads 


Everyday, time is dedicated to 'Pupil Reads', where pupils can independently spend time reading, exploring and most of all enjoying the books that they have chosen from our school library. These opportunities may occur during informal entry times, one-to-one with a teaching assistant or during a dedicated whole class session.




Analysing and Designing Book Covers


After writing our own 200 word stories for our 'We Our Writers' book, we designed a front cover for the school competition and analysed a range book covers that we have read throughout the school year.