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Homework can help prepare pupils for tasks in school and involve parents and carers in their child’s learning journey. Here at St. Francis de Sales we have a clear homework policy, which I will outline below. The most helpful thing a parent or carer can do is listen to their child read as much as they can - many educational studies show listening to your child read is the most beneficial of all homework activities.  


Reading Books - Checked each morning


Reading is the core homework for pupils. If pupils can spend just twenty minutes per night reading to an adult, this will make a huge difference to their life chances across all subjects. We ask that pupils read at least three times per week and reading records are checked each morning in class. We also recommend that a child has “Book Before Bedtime”, where a pupil reads to themselves before going to sleep.


Spellings - Sent home each Monday


Spellings will be sent home each Monday evening, in preparation for a spelling test on Friday. These words link in with lessons taught in English throughout the week, and help improve a child’s vocabulary. 


TT Rock Stars (Online) - Complete at least once a week


Times tables knowledge gives pupils a solid foundation on which to make progress in a huge number of areas within Maths. Pupils who use TT Rock Stars at home can make excellent progress consolidating times table recall - it’s also a fun programme which has class battles and pupil avatars. Please find the website here and the log in details attached. 


Optional Homework for parents and pupils


We understand that some parents would like to complete extra homework with their child, so we invest in online learning platforms so these can be done at home and results given immediately. These are not expected by our teachers, but they can help pupils make excellent progress in their learning. 


Reading Plus (Online)

Please find your child’s log in attached, and visit Reading Plus for the tasks. Your child will improve comprehension and reading skills in this programme. One or two sessions a week can really boost pupil performance. It is an excellent programme and we have seen many pupils benefit from using it at home.


IXL Maths (Online)

Please find your child’s log in attached, and visit Your child will be able to complete age appropriate maths tasks, which can really help pupils make progress in areas of maths they need help in. Digital Passports (with suggested IXL codes linked to current learning) are available on the Maths page of our school website.

Site code needed for Reading Plus is : rpstfra7