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HOME LEARNING TASK: Significant Women Throughout History Presentations

Home Learning Task

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2018 is the centenary year of some women in the UK having gained the right to vote. Next half term, we will look at the work of the Suffragettes and Suffragists and their fight for women to take part in the democratic process. In celebration of this, we want to celebrate the pioneering work of women throughout history and the impact their work has had on the world.


Your task is to create a presentation (at least three minutes), which celebrates the life and achievements of a significant woman throughout history. It could be: a scientist; a sportswoman; a doctor; a politician; a humanitarian; a religious figure; a philanthropist; an artist; a designer… the list could go on and on.


There are no other rules – it is your presentation, so be creative!


You could talk about:

  • Her early life (Where was she born? Her family? Her education?)
  • Her achievements (What did she do that made an impact?)
  • How she impacted the world (How is she remembered? What is her legacy?)


You can use a powerpoint presentation, props (images, handouts, objects etc.) or cue cards to help you deliver your presentation; however, we would like you to focus on your oracy skills. We do not want you reading from a piece of paper!


Top Tips:

  • Speaking clearly
  • Speaking enthusiastically and keeping your audience engaged
  • Making your presentation memorable
  • Having eye contact with your audience


You can use books, the Internet and some of your own research to help with your presentation. You can use the school iPads at lunchtime if you need to.


Why not ask your parents for some help too? They can help you to prepare your presentation and you can practise in front of your family.


Presentations will take place Friday 12th October 2018