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Human Impacts on the World!



During our ‘Living Things and Habitats’ Science topic, we have explored how humans can negatively impact the environment. In particular, we have studied plastic pollution. This also involved thinking about how humans can have a positive impact on the environment e.g. by refusing to use single-use plastic straws, bottles and bags.


Feeling inspired by this topic, it has got us all thinking about other ways that humans have changed the face of the world – either positively or negatively. For example, how electricity was discovered and made use of by famous scientists or how technology has changed the way that we communicate etc.


Your task is to create a presentation about human impacts on the world. It is up to you whether you choose a particular individual to focus on or whether you want to talk about humans in general. You can choose to either focus on positive or negative impacts.


There are no other rules – it is your presentation, so be creative!


This will be a verbal presentation, but you are welcome to use props (e.g. printed out images, handouts, objects and costumes etc.) to assist you.


You can use cue cards to help you deliver your presentation; however, we would like you to focus on your oracy skills. We do not want you to stare at a piece of paper the whole time!


Top Tips:


  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Speak enthusiastically
  • Use facial expressions and hand gestures
  • Try to make your presentation memorable
  • Make eye contact with your audience


You could use books and/or the internet to carry out your own research to help with your presentation. You can use the school iPads during lunchtimes if you need to.


Why not ask your parents for some help too? They can help you to prepare your presentation and you can practise in front of your family.


Presentations will take place on Friday 2nd November 2018