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Debating the Spark that Ignited WWI 


As part of our new Humanities topic, we decided to learn more about World War One. During this session, we expanded on our knowledge of some of the causes of World War One and explored various sources and testimonies in order to debate the initial spark that ignited the war.

Visit to Anfield Cemetery for Armistice Day



Today, the Humanities Leaders visited Anfield Cemetery to mark Armistice day. In order to prepare for our visit, we composed our own speeches and poems to read at various sites to convey our continued hear-felt thanks and gratitude to the service men and women who fought during the war. This visit is a time for us to reflect and show our respect and admiration to all of those, both past and present, who have served our country so valiantly. 

Please read 'Fallen, Fought and Won'- a poem composed by two of our Humanities Leaders, Jayden and Conrad especially for the occasion. 


Liverpool's Forgotten Heroes Ceremony


Our Humanities Leaders collaborated with the Friends of Anfield Cemetery as part of their local history studies. They learned that there were two forgotten heroes, VC winners, buried in unmarked paupers’ graves in the cemetery.  Needless to say, they were shaken to the core at this tragic injustice.

Working with Bob Halliday, Tom Bradburn and Bill Sergeant, it was our aim, and we believe it is our duty, to give these great men the recognition they deserve for serving our country so courageously for the benefit of future generations.

Headstones were kindly made for these two brave men and we also organsied an unveiling ceremony which was attended by many local MPs (including the Lord Mayor and High Sheriff) in order to remember the sacrifices made by these men. The ceremony was a huge success and we are proud to have been a part of such a momentous moment within our community. 


Please see the link below to read a selection of our letters of thanks.