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Recycling in School 


We felt that as a school, we needed to do more to recycle the paper and plastic that we were throwing away needlessly. In doing so, we would become more responsible citizens and encourage others to do the same.


Our aims:

  • To promote the need to recycle by raising awareness of the issues on a local and national scale.
  • To make a positive difference to the way our school handles the rubbish that we throw away.
  • To make links with the Council and other agencies that can assist us in our aim. We in turn, can help others to do the same.
  • To encourage critical thinking in how real life problems can be solved.


Recycling Update: The Launch!


Well, the day finally arrived for us to launch our recycling campaign on Friday 22nd March and what a day it was!


The morning started with putting the final touches to our speeches and a powerful powerpoint that was to be delivered during the morning's assembly. We greeted Mr Sutter, one of our Local Recycling Officers from the Council, who was ready and prepared to face the pupils of SFDS. We listened intently while he explained about the importance of recycling, what we should do to recycle and how the Council deals with the waste once collected: it was fascinating! We particularly enjoyed meeting Recycle Michael, the puppet made from all recycled material. Perhaps we could make our own!


Next, we delivered our contribution to the assembly. I think we shocked a few children with the adverse effects of plastic pollution but hopefully, it has served a purpose to encourage the children to recycle when possible and to raise awareness of this important issue.

We have placed recycle bins around the school in the resource areas and in the dining hall. We created a rota which showed the Humanities Leader responsible for supervising the recycling in the dining hall on any particular day. 


Also, we negotiated with the Council to provide assistance with our cause and our recycling needs. They put us in touch with our local education recycling officers who visited the school to determine our needs. One of the officers delivered an amazing assembly and the collection of recycling starts on 2nd April.


As well as this, we have written several letters to the Walton Community Center and the Metro Mayor, Steve Rotherham with suggestions of how we believe we can improve our local area. We will keep you posted on their responses.


In our dining hall, we have created a marvelous and informative display demonstrating the work we have completed over the past few months. This includes: our aims; the survey and the results in the form of bar charts; our logo; a copy of the letters written; and shocking facts in the field of recycling. 


 Great News: The Power of Recycling!


This week, we have received an email from the Liverpool City Council stating that they are so impressed with our commitment and dedication to recycling, that they are rewarding us with a prestigious award and certificate at one of our assemblies before the end of term! 


We did it: Liverpool City School Recycling Champions!


Yes, you read it correctly: we have been recognised for our commitment to recycling by being city champions of recycling. We were presented with the award on 8th November by the Council's recycling officer and Councillor Roy who was most impressed with our school and the efforts that we have made in creating a better city and in turn a better world.


We have been told that there may be an exciting opportunity for us for even greater rewards as an incentive to continue with our commitment to this important cause. Watch this space! In the meantime, a hearty 'Well done!' to all of our children and parents who we hear are also being brought along with us on this incredible journey.

Taking our Campaign to the Next Level!


Since Jacks has now replaced our local Tesco store, we wanted to know whether Jacks, being a subsidiary of Tesco, was upholding the same recycling standards. We felt it important therefore, to use our digital partners to help us create this hard hitting video which we posted on You tube.