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Extra Provision for Talented Pupils

Biennial Art 

This week, a group of our talented Year 5 and 6 artists were given the opportunity to work with some of the latest software to produce their own 3d digital sculptures. Inspired by the ‘Liverpool Mountain’ installation (part of the Biennial celebrations), our artists carried out research and pondered the age old question of ‘what actually is art?’ We will shortly be using a 3d printer to produce our final design. Watch this space!

"Graphic design was amazing! I loved taking inspiration

from the biennial pieces to create our own original

3d sculpture."



Lily-Mae, C15

Religious Art Project

Working collaboratively with pupils from our partner Muslim school, we have recently completed a religious artwork project. Each class carefully selected a piece of scripture from the Bible. Our artists then used a range of artistic techniques and skills to convey the important meaning behind the words in their designs.


Talent I.D at the Walker Art Gallery

""My favourite part about the Walker Art Gallery trip

was the illusion paintings. It was fascinating to see how the images seemed to move.

Also, I enjoyed working with children from different year groups who

all LOVE art!"



WH, C16 


"Today we visited the Walker Art Gallery. My favourite part of the trip

was the 'Singh Brothers' exhibition. Their paintings were so vibrant and modern. 

I enjoyed trying to recreate some of their work in my sketch book before heading

back to school."


KG, C13