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Enriching Experiences

An Anglo-Saxon Epic Poem: Beowulf


Learning about the Anglo-Saxon period has inspired us to read an adapted version of the epic poem 'Beowulf'. Year 5 know that this poem was first written in Old English, and it was one of the first recorded stories that we have in Britain! During 'Story Sessions', Year 5 have been fully immersed in this tale of a Geatish hero, who battled various mythical creatures to save the people of Denmark. 


Maise: "I have really enjoyed reading Beowulf and the fact that I am learning about the Anglo Saxons has really helped me to have a deeper understanding."


Museum Visit: Workshop about the Anglo Saxons


We are very excited to visit the Museum to attend a workshop on  the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. We hope to learn more about their daily life and culture, beliefs and religion and their legacy amongst other things. Watch this space for our thoughts and opinions on this enriching experience.