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Enriching experiences

Digital Mapping with Hi-Impact


We worked with computer experts to compare and contrast the physical and human features Rio and the UK. The children enjoyed making comparisons between Rio and Liverpool on Google Earth and presenting their findings on Pic Collage.


Alexia: "This technology is brilliant! I can't believe we can zoom in to see buildings and roads in Rio. Its as if we are  actually there!"

Equator, Hemispheres, Tropics and Poles


The children thoroughly enjoyed drawing countries and continents of the world on a balloon. They also extended their task by labeling the equator, poles, seas, oceans and tropics.


Eoin: "I had quite a good idea of where the continents were located but it was quite challenging drawing them onto a 3D object!"

Delamere Forest

We are hoping to visit Delamere Forest in Cheshire as part of our enriching experiences in Geography. Whilst cycling through the forest, we will use fieldwork to compare the landscape and topography of Delamere to that of Liverpool and our local area. We look at the reasons why they differ. We will also develop our map reading and orienteering skills that we have learned in previous years.  


Visiting the forest, will also give us the opportunity to explore human features at such areas. We can discuss the impact of humans on the natural landscape including what the Rangers are doing to balance the impact of humans whilst maintaining the physical environment, an issue that we hope will be discussed in year three when they visit Brockhole Visitor Center. 


Joseph: "I just can't wait to go to the forest and compare and contrast the landscape to where we live in Walton. Cycling will be fantastic too! I will be able to put my mapping skills and orienteering skills into practice that I learned at school."