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Enriching Experiences

Ancient Greece - Classical Conversations


To support our understanding of the Ancient Greeks, we were fortunate to have a very special guest join us via Zoom – Dr Hosty from Oxford University. By asking him questions relating to what we have learned so far, Dr Hosty was able to further our understanding of Ancient Greece. Not only did we showcase our fantastic oracy skills, he also shared his favourite myth with us about baby Hermes and the herd of cows - it was very entertaining!


Ancient Rome - Grosvenor Museum Trip


To further our understanding of Roman life in Britain, we were lucky enough to visit the Grosvenor museum in Chester. Here, we gained an insight into Roman life and were able to examine some interesting artefacts. We also took on the role of Roman legionaries and marched through the streets of Chester complete with Roman shields and banners. Additionally, we visited the remains of the largest Roman amphitheatre in Britain, where we practised our battle formations against our teachers!