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St Francis de SalesCatholic Junior School

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Enriching experiences

Ancient Greece Presentations

Working with Hi Impact, children were able to receive expert guidance and suport in how to create professional presentations, using the Adobe Spark Page app. This cross-curricular activity enriched childrens learning expenience by enabling children to use their computing skills to showcase their knowledge of Ancient Greece and Greek civilisation. Not only did pupils learn of the create titles and input fantastic facts and information, they also learnt how to enhance their presentations by downloading appropriate images from reliable internet souces and by selecting their prefered font styles.

'Working with a computing expert made me a lot more confident using the software to create my digital presention. At first, I wasn't sure how to use some of the functions of the app but after Mr. Pine had shown me what to do, I was able to use the functions on my own!' - Jamie S


'I wanted to create a split screen to include a picture next to my information but I wasn't very confident using the functions but Mr. Pine explained how to do it and then I was much more confident!' - Anisa K



Escape Rooms

Pupils were in for an enriching festive treat when they were given the opportunity to work with Hi-impact using digital technology in an Escape Rooms Challenge, in which they has to solve a range of mathmatical reasoning and problems solving puzzles. Under expert guidance, pupils worked in pairs to see who could complete the series of challanges, which promoted a real competetive festive spirit amongst pupils as they raced to see who could finish first.

'The people from Hi-impact were brilliant at explaining how to use the softwear and what we needed to do to complete the challenges. It made me feel alot more confident in knowing what to do.' - Lilly D


I love maths proplems and this was a great Christmas activity. When we got stuck on one of the challenges, the people from Hi-impact were able to give us help with using the softwear and clues of what we needed to do next to be able to complete the challenge!' - Charlie J