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Enriching experiences

Enriching Experiences

Homebaked Judging

We welcomed 'Homebaked', a local bakery close to Liverpool FC's stadium, to judge our Scouse pies. The owners are award-winning bakers, who have won the national award for "Best Scouse Pie" for five consecutive years!

"During Homebaked's visit, I enjoyed learning about how they give back to the community.  They told us that they do this by being a Foodbank drop-off centre; but also during the Christmas markets in Liverpool this year, Homebaked are supporting 'Liverpool Homeless Football Club', to support those who are vulnerable in our society.  I think it is unique that such a small business is helping out in such a huge way." Lexi S


"I learned that they are committed to their jobs and helping those in our community.  Like our school's motto, they never give up even when facing difficult times as they had to work hard to establish themselves in the community. Did you know that it took them two years to partner with Liverpool Football Club? Despite this, they never gave up and now they provide 800 pies each week to the club. I learned a lot about the resilience you need in the work place." Bayley J

Homebaked Visit

In connection with our Design and Technology Scouse Pies Project, and to celebrate World Scouse Day, a group of our Year 6 pupils visited HOMEBAKED, our award winning project partners, to find of how the professionals make pies on a commercial basis. Not only did the children have chance to make their own pies using industrial machinery, but also they received an extra surprise when they found out that the pies they had made would be entered for the British Pie Awards - the most prestigious awards for professional pie makers!


Afterwards, the children also had chance to visit HOMEBAKED’s shop to sample their delicious products and to learn more about community organisations. What a perfect way to celebrate World Scouse Day!

"The experience at Homebaked was amazing because we got to see how a functional factory works behind the scenes. Seeing how quickly the pies had to be made and how precise you had to be with the filling really surprised me as I would never have thought of this when I picked up a pie before from the shop's counter!" Thomas M


"I enjoyed my day at Homebaked, finding out about the journey from the supplier, to factory to shop floor. I am really proud that we had the chance to press the pies for the National Pie Competition, which then went on to win - it's like we are part of history for the company and our school! It is something I will always remember when I leave." Lily U