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Enriching Experiences

Tatton Park- Exploring Stone Age to Iron Age Life 


Year 3 were able to step back in time this week in order to explore what life would have been like in the Stone Age to the Iron Age period. We learnt about how tools, farming and housing changed over time and how the discovery of copper, bronze and iron impacted the daily lives of the people. Some of us even got to build a Stone Age style shelter that would have been used to evade preditors! 

Stone Age to Iron Age: Liverpool World Museum


Today, Year 3 took part in a workshop in the Liverpool World Museum in order to learn more about the Stone Age to Iron Age weapons and tools. We were able to explore artefact replicas from each period and we worked in groups in order to evaluate what each item may have been used for. 

Enriching Experiences: The World Museum


A superb experience for Year 3 today, as we journeyed back in time to Ancient Egypt... well, as close as we can get, by visiting the fabulous World Museum to explore the Ancient Egyptian exhibit. This was such a fabulous opportunity for the children to develop their knowledge about life in that period of history. The children were amazed by many of the artefacts they saw, but perhaps the most exciting room was the 'Mummy Room', featuring the remains of some important figures from Ancient Egyptian history. 


Surprisingly, many of the artefacts we saw were not that different from objects we used today. We saw amulets (special charms) which were buried with mummies in order to ensure that they would be protected from evil spirits in the Afterlife.