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Enriching Experiences

Summer Reading Challenge


Congratulations to Year 6's first entry of the Summer Reading Challenge! Her book choices included: Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, and Helena Duggan.

Reading Ambassadors


Our wonderful 'Year 6 Reading Ambassadors' were chosen for their love of reading, their willingness to share this passion with others and enthusiasm to promote reading throughout the school. It was a tough choice for the teachers, as we all know how much we love to read at SFDS. We can't wait to see how their role evolves over the coming months. Well done! 


Story Sessions

Whether at school, or working from home remotely, we are ensuring that ALL children are still taking part in our twice weekly story sessions. Accompanied with theme music, this is a part of the week that both teachers and children alike look forward to. 

Kindle Winner


Our 'Reading Ambassadors' have been busy awarding pupils with raffle tickets if they have read at least three times a week. One ticket gets awarded for three times and two tickets if a pupil has read at least five times a week. The lucky winner gets chosen at the end of a term and wins a goodie bag of reading prizes, along with the main prize of a brand new Kindle! All four classes watched with baited breath (via zoom) as Miss Henney made the draw...the lucky winner was,,, Adi! This young man is an avid reader and a well deserved winner of this fantastic prize.



"I can't wait to set up my kindle when I get home.

I was amazed to also be given an amazon voucher

so that I can purchase a couple of e-books right away.

I'm so happy!" (Adi)

We Are Writers! 

To celebrate World Book Day, every child in our school wrote their own short story. These stories were then published in our very own SFDS book! With a plethora of genres - there really is something for everyone in our latest 'We are Writers' edition. Why not read a story or two at home before bed? Did you know reading before going to sleep has been proven to:

  • boost brain power
  • reduce stress
  • help you to have a more restful night 

So what are you waiting for - dive into your copy tonight.

Happy Reading! 

Celebrating Wordsworth

To mark the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth, Year 6 are heading to Dove Cottage (the home of Wordsworth) in the Lake District to take part in a workshop entitled, 'Wordsworth and his Poems'. Here we will be looking closely at the poetry of this literary great, whilst enjoying the splendor of the environment that so famously inspired him. 

Our Class Read: War Horse

We dont simply read our class novel, it provides a whole range of cross curricluar opportunities. So far we have looked at history, art and oracy. We're barely halfway through! 

Creating our own book

It's that time of year again! With World Book Day quickly approaching, our pupils are busy putting the finishing touches to their soon to be published stories. This is a fantastic opportunity for each of our children to become published authors as they see their story in print. From magical time travelling elves, to caped crusaders - there is surely going to be something for everyone in the 5th edition of our highly successful book. The best part, ALL children will receive a free copy to bring home and treasure forever. 

World Book Day: Immersive Experience...

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we were transported to the battlefields of World War I as we tried to imagine how the protaganist of our class novel (War Horse) would have been feeling. After reading the next chapter, we watched a 3 minute video clip depicting the same part of the novel. Although some of the scenes were quite harrowing, watching the clip enabled us to put ourselves in the shoes of those brave soldiers who sufffered some of the most appalling conditions that the world has ever witnessed. Afterwards, we held a class debate looking at the role of animals in war. There were strong opinions aired on both the propsition and opposition sides. An extremely thought provoking morning and one which yet again illustrated the power of READING...


During our reading lesson today, we tread the boards as we honed our poetry reciting skills. Our task was to write a sonnet describing the main character in the wordless picture book, 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. After looking at the features of a sonnet, we each came up with our own 14 line poem. We found the rhyming pattern quite tricky to adhere to; although with a little perseverance - we were all extremely proud of our finished pieces. What do you think?                                                                                                  

 Learning Outside The Classroom

After reading the first two scenes of 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan, we tried to depict some of the main points of the story so far. Using freeze framing, we worked hard to try and convey some of the main themes we have already encountered during the study of this award winning picture book.


Trip to Waterstones

Earlier this week, some lucky members of Year 6 were treated to a trip to Waterstones in Liverpool City Centre. As a prize for winning the 'Reading Star' raffle, children were allowed to choose a book to bring home (courtesy of school, thankyou Mrs Budworth!). After reading various blurbs and discussing the front covers, each child made their final choice. Afterwards, everybody was treated to a hot chocolate and spent an hour swapping books and making predicitions about their texts. A lovely way to spend an afternoon indeed...



Taffy Thomas


Taffy Thomas is the patron of The Society for Storytelling. Taffy told us about the importance of reading stories aloud so that we can immerse ourselves into the worlds that authors are creating with their words. With Taffy's head bursting with stories, riddles and folklore, we chose an image from his infamous 'Tale Coat', which sparked a new story each time.