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Enriching Experiences

World Book Day 


To celebrate World Book Day, the children in Year 5 wrote an emotion poem based on the picture book 'Small Things'. As well as this, the children also used their inference skills to draw a scene from 'Journey to the River Sea which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Writing our emotion poems
Jouney to the River Sea scene
Maia travelling down the river
Proudly displaying their work

Reading Stars


All children who have shown a reading star moment at any point in their school day receive a reading star ticket which is put into a raffle. At the end of each half term, these tickets are chosen at random and one lucky child from each class is taken to Waterstones to pick any book they desire! 


One child said, "I can't believe I have had this opportunity because it was such a special morning!"

The children with their chosen book

Creating Our Very Own Book


Every year, the children have an amazing opportunity to write their very own story for our school book which is called 'We Are Writers'.They follow the process of reading and analysing examples, generating ideas, writing, editing and proof reading to ensure the book is a fantastic read. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is an enriching experience with multiple books they can treasure for years!

The process of creating our book

Learning Outside the Classroom - Exploring how a book may affect pupils


Year 5 children read and explored the wordless picture book 'Small Things'. To enable the children to imagine the thoughts and feelings of the main characters they had the opportunity to walk around various areas of the school. This really helped them to build empathy which helped with their diary entries.


"After reading the story, I found it hard to imagine what it would feel like to feel so low. Walking around our school and sitting alone at certain points in the school day really enabled me to put myself in his shoes." Niamh