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Enriching experiences

Electrical Systems

Mechanical Systems: Pulleys

321 Lift Off Workshop


Year 5 children had an amazing opportunity to investigate, design, make and evaluate a model rocket that was powered by water and air. They predicted how long their rocket would stay up in the air and which rocket would travel the furthest because of their design.


Making Artisan Bread

During our cooking project, the children were provided with the opportunity to develop their skills through working alongside our chef and learning from her expertise. Being able to enter the kitchen and help the chef insert their dough into the oven was an enriching experience for many children.

Building Bridges

Year 5 were fortunate enough to have a meeting with Bart, a bridge engineer, who worked on the Mersey Gateway Bridge. He gave excellent advice and answered all of our questions. This enriching experience allowed us to think critically about our bridge designs following his advice.


After building our bridges, we tested their strength by adding weight to the structure to see whether it could withstand further pressure. This experience allowed us to see whether our bridge design and building process had been successful. 

Italian Cuisine

During our cooking project, two lucky children were chosen to go back into the kitchen to help our Chef use the hand blender. They blended the sauce ready for our pasta bakes.

Beverston Engineering Ltd


Year 5 children had an exciting visit to Beverston Engineering Ltd, they were able to experience a workplace in the manufacturing industry.


Beverston Engineering helped give our children a taster of what engineering for the Aerospace and Pharmaceutical industries looks like. They used tools, met with staff and listened to a presentation about what engineers actually do. The children took a lot from their visit and now they can put their new knowledge into practice during their D&T projects.