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Enriching Experiences

Introducing our new Reading Ambassadors!


Reading is very important at SFDS and we believe to instill a love of reading we must put pupils at the heart of the process. We are very excited to introduce our new reading ambassadors, who are responsible for promoting reading in their classroom. Pupils can approach their reading ambassador for book and author recommendations. The ambassador is also responsible for monitoring reading records and awarding raffle tickets to those that read at least 3 times a week!


World Book Day!

At St Francis de Sales, we love an opportunity to celebrate reading and loved taking part in World Book Day 2020. During our story session, we discussed the thoughts and feelings of the protagonists; Charlotte, Wilbur and Fern. We practised justifying our points by searching for evidence from the story so far. Then, we designed alternative front covers to the novel, based upon our impressions of the story.


We also wrote our own Haiku poems! We talked about the graphic novel 'mirror' which compares the lives of 2 boys living in contrasting cultures. We put ourselves in the shoes of the Moroccan boy and described what he could see from his bedroom window.


"A haiku is really short but it's still really hard to write. You have to count the syllables really carefully so that they follow the 5-7-5 rule!"- Charlie Hale


Glistening moonbeams

Sparkle on the vast hillside

Until morning comes

-Ruby Whitby



We are Illustrators too!

We had the opportunity to compete against the rest of the school in designing a cover for this years' 'We Are Writers' book! We started by evaluating the effectiveness of previous designs and exploring a range of famous book covers. Using this inspiration, we designed our own eye-catching masterpieces. 


'I love how reading takes you on an adventure to a new world and you forget about everything else. I tried to show that in my design by only drawing mystical creatures!'

Chelsee Costello


'I explored the cover of 'The BFG' and created my own sketch. I love the bold colours  and the drawings which Quentin Blake does which look like scribbles! I also used vivid colours in my own design!'

Will Harrison



We Are Writers!

This week we have been exploring what makes a powerful 100 word story, ready for the publication of this years' 'We are Writers' book. First, we explored different examples from previous editions and were excited to read stories from some of our older brothers and sisters! Then we created our own story, using all the sentence types that we have learned this year and using a thesaurus to find excellent synonyms!


"I cannot believe I am going to be a published author! It was really hard to keep my story to 100 words but it helped me to cut out unnecessary words and kept the story exciting!"

Lillie Wells


Reading Outside the Classroom- Observational Walk


We have been exploring the picture book 'Mirror'. It describes the lives of two boys; one lives in Australia and one in Morocco. There are many things about the boys' lives which are different; the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the environment they live in. Interestingly, there are also many similarities across their cultures; their families, their routines and their interests.


This week, we took a trip to our local shop, to compare the environment we live in to the lives of the 2 boys. Whilst we take this sort of trip all the time, rarely do we stop to observe what is going on around us. We encountered bin men, postmen, shop workers and neighbours chatting in the street. We smelt the fresh bread from the bakery and observed a crow with jet black feathers sitting on top of the traffic lights. We heard sirens blaring, music chiming and children crying.

Taffy Thomas


Taffy Thomas is the patron of The Society for Storytelling. Taffy told us about the importance of reading stories aloud so that we can immerse ourselves into the worlds that authors are creating with their words. With Taffy's head bursting with stories, riddles and folklore, we chose an image from his infamous 'Tale Coat', which sparked a new story each time.