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"Curiouser and curiouser!" Year 5's Adventures in Wonderland

As part of English work this half term, Year 5 have been studying the significant author: Lewis Carroll. We have all thoroughly enjoyed delving into the mysterious, peculiar world of Wonderland and looking at the various characters of the story in closer detail. Using this text, we have subsequently planned and written our own short stories.


Eve and Albert from Class 9 tell us all about our experience in their own words…


This week, Year 5 had a fantastic opportunity to go to St George’s Hall to experience what it would be like to be lost into a magical, mysterious world of nonsense. Firstly, we were greeted by Alice and her grandmother, where we noticed that Alice was busily playing with her tea party set. Out of the blue, the white rabbit (who was wearing a waistcoat and had a huge stopwatch) raced hastily through the crowds of children. He was shouting, “I’m late! I’m late!” It was really funny! For the rest of the experience, we had the chance to meet the other famous characters, such as: the Caterpillar (who was sitting on an enormous mushroom); the March Hare; the Cheshire Cat and of course the Queen of Hearts! Amazingly, we even got to watch Alice’s ‘fair trial’ in the exquisite, ornate courtroom – it was beautiful. Amazed and wowed, fascinated and delighted, we enjoyed following Alice down the rabbit hole, but we’re glad we escaped the tyrant queen and got back to school with our heads intact!