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Class 4 visit the Stone Age!

We went all the way back to Neolithic times when we made pottery like they used in the Stone Age.  To make the pots, we used a soft, grey clay that was difficult to mould because it was quite hard to begin with.  

First, we had to draw and design our pots.  Then we used a wooden rolling pin to roll out our clay into a flat shape.  Before we could decorate our pot, we had to mould it into the shape of a pot that would have been used in the Stone Age. Some pots were made to carry water or to drink out of and some pots were made to eat food out of or store jewellery in.

We used sharp cutting tools to carve the patterns into the clay. We made zig-zags, wavy lines, straight lines, dots and curves in our pottery.  We then had to leave our pots to dry overnight but they took longer than we thought and we were left waiting for what felt like a stone age!