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"Taking part in Bikeability was amazing: we got to learn new skills and also about hazards on the road. It has caused me to think about things more carefully when I am riding a bike on the road."
Kayleigh M

"In our two sessions, we learned how to ride bikes properly; also, we learned how to check that our bikes are safe to ride in the first place. During our first session, we stayed in the playground for the morning, but in the afternoon we went out on to some quiet roads."
Lilly S

"Bikeability was fun because we got to learn how to ride our bikes safely on the road. Not only was it fun, but also we learnt lots of skills such as: how to do a U - turn, how to turn into and out of crossroads, understanding the highway code and how to turn in and out of side roads. I am very thankful because the coaches were extremely kind and they have taught me things that I will find useful in the future!"
Katie D