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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

Counties of the UK


This was such a fun lesson! We had 30 seconds to look at the map showing the Counties of England and tried to see how many we could label in 30 seconds! Amelia named 18! After gaining an understanding of a County being an administrative area to assist with the governing of the UK, we independently researched information about our own County of Merseyside. In doing so we were able to locate geographical areas of the UK. We completed the table for some directed research and were able to consider some cross curricular links with history too.






"I enjoyed learning about the link with the Vikings with the River Alt." Myaih S



"It was important to understand our place in the UK." Ethan C




Mapping the World: Lines of Latitude and Longitude

We used a map of to find out the latitude and longitude coordinates of the various countries. As a challenge, we used an atlas to locate other countries and record their coordinates. 


Exploring South America

We used the atlases to help complete a map of South America. We located the countries within this diverse continent and recorded their capital cities.