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Acquisition of knowledge and skills

Using Excel to create a budget


The children have been learning the importance of creating a budget.  The children were given a budget of £150 and had to create a spreadsheet to help them stick to a budget. Children then had to stay to budget by working out their total expenditure using formulas in their spreadsheet. 



"Using the formula in the spreadsheet made it a lot easier to stick to the budget." Luis, Year 3 



Google Classroom 

Year 3 have been trained on using Google Classroom, this is part of a whole-school approach and the children are learning many new skills in computing through the use of Google Classroom. All children were able to use laptops and log in to their own Google Classroom account. Here, the children were able to complete on line lessons and research using the internet. 


"I really enjoyed using Google Classroom to complete our lessons today. It was informative and interesting and I liked being able to do my lesson all on the laptop!" Isabelle, Year 3 



E-safety is an extremely important part of computing and so the children have been learning all about being responsible digital citizens. The children took part in an E-safety workshop with the consultants from Hi-Impact and, after learning about being safe on the internet, they were tested with a Kahoot quiz. The children learnt the rules to staying safe online and will use these newly acquired skills in school and at home. 


"Being safe online is very important and I enjoyed learning all of the rules of E-safety. I now feel safer when I am on the internet." Ethan, Year 3

Programming and Control


The children have been using Code Studio to learn programming. Their objective was to use characters from the game Angry Birds to develop sequential algorithms to move a bird from one side of the maze to the pig at the other side. To do this, they stacked code blocks together in a linear sequence making them move straight, turn left or turn right. 




Debugging is an essential element of learning to program. Today the children have encountered puzzles that have been solved incorrectly. They needed to step through the existing code to identify errors including; incorrect loops, missing blocks, extra blocks and blocks that are out of order. 


"I was able to use my understanding of debugging to solve problems in the program. Even though I didn't solve it the first time I tried, that's fine because it helped me work out the problem eventually.'  Harry, Class 4 

Creating a Kahoot quiz for science


As part of our science topic, 'Animals including humans'. Year 3 used secondary sources, including BBC Bitesize, to research information on the types of nutrients. They then consolidated their learning by creating a class Kahoot quiz to give to another class to do. The children showed excellent understanding of using the internet safely and using the search engine effectively in their research. Using Kahoot provided the children to work collaboratively with each other and allowed each class to evaluate the research of their peers by answering the questions they created through their iPads. 


Answering questions on the iPad


Questions displayed on the class whiteboard


An example of a question created by a Year 3 class


"Researching using the internet was helpful because, once you know how to use it sensibly, you are able to find out so many interesting facts and it helps you with your learning." Riley, Class 3


"Using Kahoot was great. I liked that I was able to see what I was getting correct and incorrect straight away." Christopher, Class 1