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Non Excidet

Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills

Family/Body Parts/Description

Each lesson, we display our newly acquired knowledge in our floor book.

Mi Familia

We learned how to talk about ourselves and different members of our families. Then, we used our learning to write a paragraph with some facts about ourselves and the people in our family. 

Jobs and Rooms of the House

As a continuation of last week's Spanish lesson on El Castillo Encantado, Year 6 had to match names of jobs to pictures to show understanding of the words. We predicted the meaning of some of the job titles based on our prior knowledge, before describing rooms of the house. Next, we had to count backwards from 10, 000 in multiples of 2, 5, 10 and 100.


Year 6 have learned about 'El Misterio del Castillo Encantado' - The Mystery of the Enchanted Castle. Children learned prepositions in order to help them solve the mystery. 

"'Debajo de' means 'under'. I knew how to pronounce this as I know the 'jo' sound from the word 'hijo', which means 'child'. I know not to pronounce the 'j' letter." - Abbie