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30/01/17-03/02/17: Art Week!

Art Week:


This week in Year 5, we will be enjoying Art Week! Our superb Art specialist (who has guided our children in their completion of some of the fantastic displays around our school) will be working for around an hour each day with every class in Year 5. 


02/02/17 - Day Four:


'Today was our final day working with Becky! It was finally time to do the majority of work on our self-portraits. Today, we made darker marks with our pencil to outline the features of our face. We then started to work on the hair. This was really tough and Becky told us various ways to get our hair just right! Mr Kennedy even said that we spent more time on our hair than he does on his! This was the best day because we really started to see the similarities between our drawings and our faces.'


- Jay-Lee, Dylan, Josh & Harvey, C12 


Make sure you check the bottom of this page (Day 4 Photos) to see a photograph of the children with their self-portraits! 


01/02/17 - Day Three:


'We started Art today with a great warm-up activity! We had to draw a symmetrical image. It was really fun. Becky showed us a picture and some of us thought it was a face, whilst others thought it was a vase or a candle-holder. I thought it was definitely a candle-holder! We then discussed the importance of perspective in art. After that, we started our self-portrait. This was really difficult because we had to draw really lightly with our pencil. To help us with this, we had a go at shading and using different grips on our pencil. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to carrying on with my portrait tomorrow!'


- Adam, C12 



31/01/17 - Day Two:


Today, our art session was kick started by a special game... practicing drawing our facial features - without looking! Whilst this was really challenging, our results were surprisingly accurate! The children even had a go at writing their title without looking (this definitely won't be allowed inside our normal books!).


After that, we started focusing on the individual parts of our face. We had a go at drawing our eyes, our noses and our mouths. Not only was this fun, but it was also really interesting. For many of us, it was our first attempt at drawing our own eyes/nose/mouth! Becky gave us some great tips and I think everybody is looking forward to starting our self-portraits tomorrow! 



30/01/17 - Day One:


Each day, the children will focus on a different skill, with the end goal being producing a complete self-portrait! Today, our work focused around the basics. The children learned about common misconceptions when producing s self-portrait and also discovered several tips and hints about how to correctly position the key parts of the face. The children absolutely loved the class (especially some of the boys, who you can catch gazing at themselves in the mirror in some of the photographs) and are already looking forward to tomorrow!


Check back at the end of each day for more updates! 

Day Four Photos!

Day Three Photos!

Day Two Photos!

Day One Photos!