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29/09/2017- Exploring our church

This afternoon, Year 4 went to church to visit Father Ged to begin preparations for the Sacraments that they will undertake this year!


During the visit, Father Ged spoke all about the Sacrament of Baptism. The children recognised that when we are baptised, we become part of God's family and the Catholic Church. Did you know there are 1.6 billion members of the Catholic Church all over the world? Wow! We were all amazed to be part of such a huge family! We also looked at the different symbols we see during baptism, such as: a candle, a white shawl, a font, holy water and the Sign of the Cross that we make. We spoke about how all of these symbols represent becoming part of God's family in different ways.


After this, Father Ged allowed us to go on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ all around the church! This was a fantastic opportunity for us to explore our wonderful church and recognise all of the special places and things inside our place of worship!


What a wonderful afternoon. Thankyou, Father Ged!