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29/01/2019 - English: Interpreting a wordless picture book

Is it possible to read a book without any words?


Year 4 have been proving that this is OF COURSE possible!


The book in question that Year 4 have explored is called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker and it is full of fantastic images, yet not a single word! The children have thrived on reading each page of this book and sharing their own impressions of what they believe has happened.


A wide range of ideas have been produced and it has given us a fascinating insight into the brilliant imaginations of our pupils! Without even realising it, the children have been utilising their inference skills because there is no text to prove or disprove their suggestions. 


Once the children became familiar with the main character, they used role-play and 'conscience alley' to portray their interpretations of what she may have been experiencing and feeling. With such great ideas, the children are almost fully prepared to write diary entries from the perspective of the little girl in the story.