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26/09/2018- Star Dome

Space Dome

As part of our current Science Topic (Earth and Space), Year 5 had the pleasure of being joined by an actual Astronomer (Mr.Lunn).


Our amazing astronomer brought along his incredible Star Dome, which was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike! We were mind blown by what we learnt about inside the dome, yet we were also pleased to hear some familiar names (Andromeda, Perseus and the Kraken to name a few) from our Ancient Greek work. We were also surprised to discover that some of our favourite characters from literature (Sirius and Bellatrix) were also named after famous stars!

“My favourite part of the space dome was when the seasons changed from winter to summer and the stars rotated around us like we were actually looking up at the night sky. Whenever I look up at the many stars that fill our sky, I will think about the time we spent in the wondrous space dome; in particular, I will remember discovering many new constellations. Fun fact: If you can find the Plough constellation, you can find any other!” Georgie – C9


“Climbing through the space tunnel and into the dark, circular dome was so exciting. Hearing the eerie tales of Medusa and the hideous, repulsive Kraken had to be my favourite part! Especially, since I was sitting near the star which is known as the Kraken's Eye. I wish we could do it all over again.” Anthony – C12


“What an amazing experience! Having a real life scientist, who worked for NASA and has been all around our world, come in to our school and talk to us about space was incredible. The movement of the stars during each season was truly captivating and very enjoyable.” Lilia – C9