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21/01/19 - Mental Health Awareness Week

Year 5 have really felt the benefits of our exploration of the importance of having good mental health.

Through a variety of activities, we have discussed the importance of sharing our thoughts and feelings and building resilience. 


With the help of the ROAR team and Ralph (the resilient elephant with the ability to 'bounce back' from difficult situations) we have developed our understanding of mental health. Using a scaled of 1-10, we can create discussions about how we might be feeling at that particular point.


We might feel like a 1 when we fall out with our friends or we get up late for school, but suddenly we can feel like a 10 when something positive happens! What number are you today? 

In class, we used Go Noodle to work on breathing and relaxation techniques. We particularly liked the video 'Off and On' which helped us control our bodies during times of stress. 


Finally, we all tried mindfulness colouring. We listened to some calming music and focused our attention on colouring instead of worrying about other things in our lives.