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(20/1/16) Year 4 set the standard for everyone!!

This is a letter we received from the Grosvenor Museum in Chester after our superb Year 4 children visited this week. I really don't need to add anything to it. It's what we know already, but it's always nice when others see it aswell. Well done Year 4. You are a credit to your families and the school.


Hi Mr Reidel,


My name is Virginia Kettle and I’m a learning assistant at the Grosvenor Museum.


Today we had a visit from 105 of your year 4 pupils.


I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to have them here. They were sensible and polite as they moved to and from different areas of the museum. During my workshop (in which I do a lot of talking!) they remained focused and showed good listening skills. They also asked smart questions and seemed genuinely keen to learn.


As you can imagine, we have visits from many schools every year (on average-130 pupils per day!) I feel it’s important to feedback when a school stands out as being well behaved, well -mannered and well taught.


You should be very proud of your year 4’s today.


Warm regards,