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18/10/2017 - X Factor Times Table Competition - Year 4 Semi Finals

Today, Year 4 gathered to cheer on the semi-finalists for the X Factor Times Table competition.

The semi-finalists were:


Matthew: Luke (Class 5), Jayden (Class 6), Michael (Class 7) and Alfie (Class 8)

Mark: Anthony (Class 5), Georgie (Class 6) and Niamh (Class 7)

Luke: Holly (Class 5), Kinga (Class 6), Michael (Class 7) and Bailey (Class 8)

John: Harry (Class 5), Shauna (Class 6) and Lexie (Class 8)


All of the children worked incredibly hard. First, they competed against each other to achieve the lowest time on their 4 times tables using ‘Tables Master’. This challenge narrowed down the competition! Alfie, Michael, Georgie, Niamh, Holly, Bailey, Shauna and Lexie proved to be the quickest and were entered into the 6 times table showdown!


Here are the results ... 



Michael VS Alfie = 21 – 19

Michael will enter into the final as the Matthew champion!



Georgie VS Niamh = 22 – 22

This led to a quick-fire tiebreaker!

Georgie will enter into the final as the Mark champion!



Holly VS Bailey = 19 – 20

Bailey will enter into the final as the Luke champion!



Lexie VS Shauna = 17 – 14

Lexie will enter into the final as the John champion!


Big congratulations to Michael, Georgie, Bailey and Lexie! Good luck for the finals!