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14/03/2018: Terracotta Army Exhibition

The Terracotta Army 



For over 2,000 years, an underground army of life-sized terracotta warriors secretly guarded the tomb of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, until a chance discovery in 1974 unlocked the mysteries of a vanished empire. Over the last two weeks, our Year 6 children have added to the legacy of the warriors, as they had the fantastic (and sought after) opportunity of seeing a collection of the statues up close! 


The exhibition included objects that have never been seen before in the UK, including material from the Imperial Mausoleum itself! This truly is a rare opportunity for school children and gave them an insight into ancient history. 


Alongside a wonderful, engaging & interactive performance, our pupils had the chance to tour the exhibition and read out some of their suspense stories, that they had written about the Emperor's tomb! How many people can say that they have read out their own creative work in front of such ancient artefacts? Furthermore, this visit will also aid our upcoming writing task: an information report on the Terracotta Army, so the learning outside the classroom undertaken by all Year 6 children, will definitely give them a head start in our writing! 








Terracotta Warriors Trip