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13/10/2017: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs


As part of our current topic on Ancient Egypt, we used Egyptian Hieroglyphs to create hidden messages about ourselves. To start with, we learnt about the history of hieroglyphs and how the Ancient Egyptians developed their own writing system over 5000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians used pictures of different objects, people and animals to create their own language and form of writing. We learnt that we can write hieroglyphs from top to bottom or across the page.


  • Did you know there is a secret which helps people tell which way to read the hieroglyphs?  Well, if the animal, bird or person is facing left, you read left to right and if they are facing right you read the other way.


  • Did you know the word hieroglyph means sacred carving?


  • Did you know there are no vowels (a,e,I,o and u) in the hieroglyph system?