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13/01/2018 - Year 5 Escape Rooms

Today in Year 5, our problem solving skills were pushed to the absolute limit, as we faced the Escape Rooms. In teams, we were each given a padlocked box that was filled with codes to crack in order to unlock other compartments of the box. We had an hour to try to 'escape' the room by completing all of the puzzles. In order to be successful, we had to show our best team working skills, as well as putting all of the problem solving and reasoning skills we have been practising in our Maths lessons into a real life situation. We also had to show perseverance if our first attempt to unlock one of the parts of the box was unsuccessful. Not only was this challenging, but also it was incredibly fun to be involved in, whether we managed to escape in the time limit or not!


'The escape rooms helped us all to communicate and work as part of a team. We had to crack the codes as a team and then unlock each of the padlocks before time ran out. My favourite part was the shopping basket challenge because we got to put the addition skills we have been practising in our Maths lessons to the test!' - Isobel


'During the Escape Rooms I had lots of fun solving all kinds of different puzzles! It was really hard and we got stuck on a few of the problems, but we persevered. My favourite problem was the one where you had to use logos to help you find out a word. My team didn't manage to 'escape', but we were really close!' - Ava


'I had a great time with my friends as we tried to complete the puzzles. We couldn't complete them all in time, however I still really enjoyed myself. The Escape Rooms really made my mind work hard as my team tried to crack the codes. I particularly enjoyed the Morse Code problem. I hope we get to do the Escape Rooms again soon!' - Harry