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12/09/2018 - Recommending a Greek Myth

Recommending a Greek Myth


This week, we have been exploring Greek myths and how these short stories shaped the lives of the Ancient Greeks and gave them morals to live by.  We analysed both good and bad examples, suggesting reasons why some examples were better than others in making the moral message clear for the reader.


We also learnt some interesting facts about Greek myths: did you know these stories were told orally; therefore, some elements were changed or adapted as they were passed on from generation-to-generation?  In addition, we learnt that these stories are often adapted and still used today - we saw this in the recent Skittles advertisement, which used the story of King Midas to warn the audience to be careful what you wish for and appreciate what you have!


After reading examples, we have written some reviews and recommendations: summarising what the myth is about; justifying why others should read it and clarifying the moral message that others could learn from it.  Some of us were challenged to create an 'Amazon Recommended List' - we had to recommend other myths we had read which had similarities to the one we had reviewed.


See Lilia's recommendation list below...