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11/06/2018: International Case Study of China - Chinese Maths

Chinese Maths

Mandarin Maths

As part of our Chinese Week, we have been studying the number system in China. We learned how to write numbers in Mandarin, then used our knowledge of long division to solve these problems and present the answers in Mandarin! 

"It was a challenge to combine my long division skills with learning to use new symbols, but the challenge really kept me working hard. I'd like to learnt to write more words in Mandarin now!" - Archie McNally

Problem Solving and Reasoning

We have also been honing in on our problem solving skills; in particular, developing our strategies of working systematically. We were faced with an emperor's problem: releasing 6, 7 or 8 lanterns over the course of three days - we had to develop a method of working so that we could find all of the combinations possible.  Some of us found this quite easy to begin with, but then the difficulty increased as we found some of the combinations.  Eventually, we worked in our teams to find all 27 combinations.