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11/01/2018 - Escape Rooms!

Year 6 Escape Rooms


Today, Year 6 used Escape Rooms to 'unlock' their learning and bring Maths to life! As a team, they would open each padlock, racing against the clock! This amazing activity enabled us to experience problem solving in a unique way, as well as improve our logical reasoning, our resilience and our teamwork skills. After some hard work and dedication, the padlocks were successfully opened and the teams had a key to open the last box, which revealed how long it had taken them to successfully 'escape'. It was a pleasure to see the imagination and creativity on display from our children as they enjoyed a learning experience that they will not forget! 



'During Escape Rooms, I had an amazing time solving puzzles! It really helped me put my work in class into action. We worked as a team to try and crack the code to open the next box - it was so much fun. My favourite part was when we had to use the dominoes and had to figure out the number that they correlated to, in order to open the box. My group opened the most boxes, out of our class!'




'This morning, we took part in the Escape Rooms Challenge in the school hall and it was super-fun! We needed to open padlocks by answering mathematical problems and working as part of a team - we couldn't move on to the next problem until they were open! It was challenging, but we managed to work well and succeed!'


Isabella B


'In our Escape Room, we had to use our problem solving/maths skills to figure out how all of the clues came together to form a number that would unlock the padlocks. If you completed it all, you would find the timer and stop it before it ran out. My favourite part was working out all of the codes by sharing ideas and concepts. I had such an amazing time and I can't wait to do it again!'