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10/02/2017: 100% Attendance Reward - Cirusology

As a reward for their 100% attendance during the autumn term, children from each year group were given the opportunity to take part in an afternoon of circus skills training with an expert from Circusology. Children were able to take part in a wide range of activities including: juggling; plate spinning; balancing tricks and those feeling particularly brave could even try uni-cycling.

The children were totally captivated from the first moment and were eager to have a go at everything. Within five minutes, children who had been saying, "I could never to that", were walking around balancing enormous ostrich feathers on the ends of their noses and chins, while others were spinning diabolos expertly - something few had previously been able to do on the playground. Some were even able to throw and catch them again.

As well as having an incredibly enjoyable time, the children's focus and determination to master a whole new set of skills was both fascinating and hilarious to watch. Even some teachers, in between digitally recording the action and supporting the children, managed to join in the fun...much to the amusement of the children.

100% attendance - rewarded with 100% enjoyment - you deserved it!