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08/12/16: Forces Workshop

Forces Workshop! 


Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a Forces Workshop today. The children came prepared: bringing their toughest questions! Mr B was more than up to the challenge, though. We were given the chance to explore and discuss gravity, air resistance, water resistance and propulsion (as well as many more!). Here's Emmie from Class 12 to tell you a little more: 


Today in the Science Workshop, we talked about and experimented with forces! Our class learnt about friction, gravity, air resistance, water resistance, upthrust and we even learnt a little about the history of Liverpool and steam trains! Did you know that one of the most famous trains in history (the Rocket) won the Rainhill trials in 1829?


Anyway, back to the forces... we had to use 'steam' (our breath!) to move the train around the track and estimate when to stop and allow friction to stop the train at the correct station. It was so much fun; even Mr Kennedy had a go. 


My friends in the other classes told me that they got to look at Rockets and how they get to space! I wish I could have went to both sessions! I hope that we get to see Mr B again soon. 


Emmie, C12