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08/06/2018: Human Bar Charts!

Human Bar Charts:


Today, in Maths, we took our learning outside the classroom to work on bar charts; however, there was one small change: we used humans to construct them! Firstly, we had to collate our data by working in groups to come up with a question to collect data for. There were some great ideas, such as: 


- What is your favourite sport?

- What is your favourite lesson in school?

- What eye colour do you have?

- What football team do you support?


After that, we had to use cones and whiteboards to make the bar-chart. We had to clearly label both the X-axis and the Y-axis, before arranging the children into 'bars' to represent our data. It was so much fun! I enjoyed it because we don't usually get to do Maths outside and it brought the subject to life. After we had all had our tun to create a chart, we used a drone to take photographs of our lesson from way up in the sky! Our lesson finished with having to come up with some questions about the data that we had collected; ranging from easier ones to more challenging ones. 


James S