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08/05/17 - 12/05/17: Intense!! Split or Steal?!

Split or Steal?!


There was intense drama in Class 12, this afternoon. With three girls joint on 25 Dojos, they had to 'pick a number' to dwindle the list down to two. After that, the two finalists (Freya & Ella), had to take part in a classic twist on the famous TV Show - Goldenballs! The girls had to decide whether to split the much sought after Smiggle prizes or to 'steal' and take the whole selection for themselves! 


Anticipation flooded through the room and (fortunately) the girls did what was right and split the goods. A massive congratulations to Ella and Freya... and even 'third placed' Jessica, who ended up with a prize after all!


For the boys, Jay-Lee strolled to a win, this week - finishing up with 20 Dojos. The boys are excited for their 'Rollover' next week, when five Match Attax will be up for grabs!