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08/02/2018: Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum:


A wonderful step into history for Year 6 today, as we ventured to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. This was an amazing opportunity for our children to bring history to life and give real context to what we have learnt about this year. It was a chance for us to examine the cause and effect of both of the World Wars! This was particularly exciting, as we were also given the chance to expand our knowledge further – branching into the life of women in the Second World War and the destruction that was the Blitz!


Our children worked like researchers, finding exhibits and discovering the answers to the questions in their activity packs. However, it must be said: the Big Picture Show seemed to be the most popular attraction!


‘On the outstanding IWM trip, we explored the wonders, as well as the horrors of war. I discovered plenty of interesting facts and also answered questions using the knowledge that I already had!’


Thomas F


‘Today, we went to the Imperial War Museum! We learnt about the First and the Second World War and even got a close-up look at some of the tanks and the artillery! I particularly enjoyed finding out about the evolution of army attire!’


Michael D


‘My favourite part of the trip was when we watched the ten-minute video about the Blitz during World War II. I also enjoyed finding the answers to the questions in our question packs and working with my classmates. It was super-fun!’


Isabella B


I loved learning even more fascinating facts about WWI and even discovering how the First World War had a significant impact in the underlying factors that started the Second World War! It was really cool to learn about the legacy of war: I never really thought about what happens when the war is over and the nation has to pick up the pieces – even in victory.


Evie H