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07/12/2019 Liverpool Football Club Christmas Special

Liverpool Football Club and St Francis de Sales

Christmas Special


I am sure the majority if not all of you have seen the fantastic Christmas Video produced by Liverpool Football Club and our school. First of all we would like to thank LFC for all they have done and continue to do for our school, the children and families in our local community, we really are privileged to be part of their family!


To put the video in more context, every year LFC chooses one lucky school to take part in their Christmas special video and this year, thanks to all our children’s hard work, outstanding behaviour, manners and all round demeanour when taking part in any event hosted by LFC, we were chosen! They asked us to choose 23 children in total - 5 Everton fans and 18 Liverpool fans. We decided to randomly draw those children based on their attendance (100% attendance only). LFC asked us to make sure no one in the school knew that the players were coming in, as it would ruin the surprise for those children and ruin the video. Unfortunately, we couldn’t choose every child in the school or have an assembly, as it wasn’t an option. However, we have had players in school in the past when we held an assembly.


The day itself was magical for all those involved; it really was a once in a lifetime experience! The LFC staff and players couldn’t have made it any better for the children and they really are all an absolute credit to the club! When the video launched on the 23rdDecember, to say it took the internet by storm is an understatement. Over 6 million people from all over the world saw our school and our children. It exploded to the point were LFC were ranked 1stfor the most YouTube views in December 2018 with a whopping 22.2 million hits - out muscling the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG! Our children, as usual, conducted themselves perfectly and portrayed the school all over the world in the light it should be, OUTSTANDING! What an advert for LFC, our school and the Liverpool people in general!


For those of you who haven’t seen the video, there is a link underneath or you can simply go on YouTube and type in LFC Christmas. Once again, we would like to thank Liverpool Football Club and in particular the Red Neighbours department for all they do for everyone not only in our school but in our whole city! Mr Wah is now working extremely hard to try and get Everton to start working more with our school in the way the LFC do! It should be noted that Liverpool even bought the EFC fans Everton footballs as their presents!


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