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07/07/17: Science Garden II (Featuring QR Codes!)

Science Garden II:


Today, in Science, we returned to the Science Garden to carry out another investigation! We discussed Metamorphosis in class and discovered the two different types (complete and incomplete). We watched videos, which showed us the life cycle of an animal which undergoes both of these types of metamorphosis and tried to think of as many other animals as we possibly could. 


After that, we were given a sheet with various animals on. The sheet had subtitles, but we had to fill in the rest of the information! To do this, we had to use our existing knowledge and search through the Science Garden to find cue cards, which would help us. Additionally, we had to use our iPads to scan a QR code whenever we found one. These codes took us to a fact file website, which really helped us on our missions!


I really enjoyed this lesson, it was fun discovering all of the facts in the Science Garden! 


Joshua H