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Non Excidet

06/09/2018 - What is the meaning behind our school badge?

What is the meaning behind our school badge?


Today, we have been looking at the meaning behind the different sections of our school badge and our school motto, "Non Excidet".  We discussed how the different parts of the badge represented different elements of our school's patron saint, St Francis de Sales' life and we explored how we can use this to inspire the school year ahead.


Eastern Cross: When we can, be a peacemaker, forgiving others for things they do things wrong.

Book: As the patron saint of writers, help us to work hard to receive the best education we can.

Fleur-de-Lys: Just like St Francis, let's work together to help our local community and be good citizens both inside and outside of school.

Mitre and Staff: Let us be guided by the work of Jesus in everything we do by following his example.

Non Excidet: Have resilience and determination when we find things difficult and support our friends in everything we do.


After exploring these features, we created our own personal badge, which we felt reflected our own lives.