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05/11/2018 - Fr Ged's Ordination

Fr. Ged's Commitment to the Church

Today, we warmly welcomed Fr Ged into Year 6 to discuss his Sacrament of Ordination.  In our current RE topic, we have been looking carefully at the level of commitment that is needed by members of our community, and knowing the some of the personal sacrifices that Fr. Ged has to make, we asked if we could interview him.


He showed us some photographs from his own ordination as well as some of the things that he received - his chasuble, stole, Bible, oil of Chrism, paten and chalice.  They were magnificent to see up close after reading so much about them!  He also told us about some of the symbols in the Mass and how this Sacrament linked to others - including the Litany of Saints, Oil of Chrism and receiving Communion.


We took the opportunity to ask him some questions about how he felt at each stage of the Mass as well as questions which deepened our understanding of the Sacrament such as: How did you know that you were being called by God? How long is the training as an ordinand? Do you ever feel a pressure as a priest considering the level of commitment that you give to your vocation?


After our discussion with Fr. Ged, we reflected on how we could take inspiration from his work and apply it to our own lives this week.


Thank you Fr Ged for coming to speak to us and answer our questions!